Bartlett Summer Show 2023

Exhibition from 2023. London, UK.

This exhibition is a cross-year AIS showcase of the spontaneity, curiosity and knowledge achieved by students of interdisciplinary architecture. The installation emphasises the creative energy of Judd Street embodied in a hanging mobile and a flexible stage for performances and lectures, and finally in a camera obscura that will blur the boundaries of the room and video stream CCTV from inside the our Judd Street studio.
The exhibition design and workshop programme of 20+ artists was curated by Mads Christoffersen, Nicole Onstad, Marius Sidaravicius and Rushdania Iqbal.

This dinner celebrates the greatness of interdisciplinarity by flagging the AIS SAY YES manifesto. This Outside Force dinner will explore the concepts of manifesting and encourage discussion between everyone who enters the room. Hosts Mads and Nicole will greet guests by the door, adorning them with a paper plate rosette as a tool to eat and discuss.

(c) Richard Stonehouse, 2023

Free shop free show all at once
A hanging mobile was built to display all student work permanently. The structure showcased drawings, sketches and videos that defined the study year 22/23. Rather than buying premanufactured frames and elements, the mobile was built by leftover materials from the year. It was as much a free shop as it was an exhibition space. Furthermore, the structure allowed everyone to display what they wanted, either on the wall or on the stage. Students were invited fix their drawings with blue clay, hammer them into the wall or simply take the stage within the provided blue frames.

Oat Brick Takeover
Networking is taken to new dimensions in this project by BSc AIS students Mads Christoffersen, Marius Sidaravicius and Harang Seo. They launched the ‘Oat Brick’, claiming to be the greenest, cheapest and most sustainable brick ever. Essentially, the three perform as businessmen, they are imposters attempting to infiltrate the building industry with a brick that would destroy the hard and permanent cityscape, allowing for softer, greener and more public accessible spaces to grow. These three businessmen will be performing alongside pull-up banners, leaflets and prerecorded Teams calls – all featuring an obscure, yet curiously familiar commercial language, imitating the very characters they fear that they could become. Get your lanyards out for this one!

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