Dinners for Radical Care︎︎︎

Ongoing Project. London, UK. Vienna, AT. Umeå, SE.

Unlike formal academic settings, dinners usually take place in relaxed environments, like at home or at a restaurant. Due to the informal nature of a dinner, guests are more likely to share experiences leading to open and honest conversations. Dinners for Radical Care is an ongoing project where informal activities fill formal spaces to allow for important and complex conversations. So far, dinners have taken place in UCL Seminar rooms in London, with activists and TV-producers. At Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien with art students, and at Umeå School of Architecture with practicing architects. With more than twelve dinners organized and 100+ guests served, this project has been a feast of ideas, where every conversation is a recipe for change.

AIS say YES! manifesto workshop
June 23rd 2023, Bartlett School of Architecture, London

(c) Richard Stonehouse, 2023

Dinner handbook dinner
April 23rd 2023, Bartlett School of Architecture, London

(c) Yiwen Zhao

Killing Self & Learning German Dinner
November 3rd 2023, Akademie der Bildene Künste Wien

Starchitect Workshop
March 18th 2024, Lasarettsbacken, Umeå

And it was warm for several reasons.. Workshop
December 6th 2023 & February 14th 2024, Umeå School of Architecture

Fragmented dinner
March 15th 2023, Bartlett School of Architecture, London